Data Protection Policy

DataProtection Policy

Draft Data Protection Policy for the South West Marine Ecosystem Meeting.  

This policy describes our approach to meet the GDPR requirements: it includes the following elements:

Purpose of the database: To circulate information to contacts on the SWME Conferences, related work such as obervations and the annual reports and related activities which share the objectives of SWME.

1. Personal data held: Name and email address. No other data is held on databases by SWME organisers.

2. This data would consititute a low risk to our contacts.

3. External systems: We use Mailchimp mailing system to send bulk emails to the contacts on our listing:

4. We have no desire to send people unwanted emails. All emails carry an ‘unsubscribe’ option or the data controller will remove contacts on request.

5. Sign up to the the SWME activities will be made explicit from 2017 on SWME booking forms.