This is a way of capturing ad hoc observations.

Send your observations to bob.earll@coastms.co.uk, Keith Hiscock khis@mba.ac.uk, Natasha Bradshaw natasha.swme@gmail.com or one of the other report section editors who can upload items.

If you are recording regularly could you check on the recording schemes set out in this section.

Stella Turk has passed away (April 2017) - watch video

David Fenwick ‘It is with great sadness that I have to bring the group this news about a member and an avid supporter of the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. I have copied and pasted the following from an e-mail I have just received from Ian Benallick of...Read More »

April 2017 Strandings of pink sea fan “sea fangles” – new paper implicates marine litter

Dr Emma Sheehan, Plymouth University Marine Institute

There is now about 30 days of free access to the paper https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1UpdM1R~e3ELh

Animation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9SsNb6cK7g


  • Protected Pink Sea Fans are mass stranding each winter entangled in marine debris.
  • The marine debris comprises mostly fishing gear and some domestic litter.
  • Evidence for ghost fishing causing the stranded...Read More »

January 2017 The Mystery of the dead fish on the Marazion beach solved

The Mystery of the dead fish on the Marazion beach solved

Whist the MMO web post on the Dec 19th left the reason for the fish on the beach as unknown the fishermen involved have owned up ….


Mike Kaiser wrote a piece on the 22nd also attributing strandings to...Read More »

Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted

November 2016   Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted


A Plymouth skipper and the owner of his boat face a court bill of almost £11,000 after admitting illegal scallop fishing. David Thomas, 29, of Kiln Close, Plymouth, and Portsmouth-based Viviers UK Ltd both pleaded guilty to nine fisheries offences – including...Read More »

Humpback whale returns in Devon 'like Blue Planet'


A humpback whale has returned to Devon bay and is attracting large numbers of spectators hoping to catch a glimpse.

The creature was first spotted more than a week ago off Start Bay near Slapton.

There have been reports on social media of its return in recent days and...Read More »

Spider Crab Invasion

Spider crab invasion ‘like an underwater horror film’ found off Devon coast (Plymouth Herald)

...Read More »

Dead Fin Whale

Dead fin whale washes up on Devon beach  (BBC)

...Read More »

Fronts & Gannets

...Read More »

Dolphin Brixham

Following the death of a dolphin in Brixham the Marine Management Organisation has clarified the regulations covering attempts to rescue them. See https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mmo-clarifies-rules-around-rescue-of-cetaceans

...Read More »