This is a way of capturing ad hoc observations.

If you are recording regularly please check on the recording schemes tab for sharing your results.

Every year we catch casual observations at the conference – but please feel free to use the 2019 Observations Form, see below, to capture your thoughts in the lead up to SWME 2020 on 3rd April.

Observations, notes and report links for the 2021 Report should be sent to the chapter editors – see their email contacts below

Oceanography Tim Smyth tjsm@pml.ac.uk
Plankton Angus Atkinson aat@pml.ac.uk
Benthos Keith Hiscock khis@mba.ac.uk
Fish & Turtles Doug Herdson douglas.herdson@btinternet.com
Birds Alex Banks alexnbanks@gmail.com
Seals Sue Sayer sue@cornwallsealgroup.co.uk
Cetaceans Dan Jarvis &
Duncan Jones
Fisheries Libby West libby.west@naturalengland.org.uk
MPAs Sian Rees sian.rees@plymouth.ac.uk
Plastics Delia Webb deliawebb@btinternet.com
Management & Development Bob Earll bob.earll@coastms.co.uk