2016 Observations

Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted

November 2016   Illegal fishing – dredging around the Eddystone – Fishermen prosecuted


A Plymouth skipper and the owner of his boat face a court bill of almost £11,000 after admitting illegal scallop fishing. David Thomas, 29, of Kiln Close, Plymouth, and Portsmouth-based Viviers UK Ltd both pleaded guilty to nine fisheries offences – including dredging...Read More »

Humpback whale returns in Devon 'like Blue Planet'


A humpback whale has returned to Devon bay and is attracting large numbers of spectators hoping to catch a glimpse.

The creature was first spotted more than a week ago off Start Bay near Slapton.

There have been reports on social media of its return in recent days and...Read More »

Spider Crab Invasion

Spider crab invasion ‘like an underwater horror film’ found off Devon coast (Plymouth Herald)

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Dead Fin Whale

Dead fin whale washes up on Devon beach  (BBC)

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Fronts & Gannets

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Dolphin Brixham

Following the death of a dolphin in Brixham the Marine Management Organisation has clarified the regulations covering attempts to rescue them. See https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mmo-clarifies-rules-around-rescue-of-cetaceans

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