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SWME16 Delegate Notes 26th April 2016

1. Duncan & Hannah Jones Events & Observations in 2015

2. Keith Hiscock The Events of 2014 – SWME Annual Report

3. Angus Atkinson Update on SW Plankton & the Western Channel Observatory

4. Cathy Lucas The barrel jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo

5. Sophia Butler-Cowdry Fine scale insight into porpoise, basking shark and seabird distribution

6. John Hepburn Monitoring the development and success of Scyliorhinus stellaris egg cases in situ

7. Brendan Godley Marine Ecology & Conservation Network

8. Jeroen van der Kooij Integrated Pelagic Ecosystem survey

9. Tom Brereton Recent seabird and cetacean surveys in the English Channel, Bristol Channel & Celtic Sea

10. John Richardson & Cat Gordon Our current understanding of the ecology of blue & porbeagle sharks in the southwest

11. Chris Wood SEASEARCH – South-West diver record highlights 2015

12. Langmead, Rees & Foster Ecological coherence of the Celtic Seas MPA network

13. Earll, Hodgson & Sayer South coast Devon and Dorset seal network

14. Ingram, Jones, Sayer & Williams South-West bottlenose dolphin network

15. Langmead, Hooper & Beaumont Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Western Channel (Valmer)

16. Billy Heaney Cameras and seals – quantifying effects of human disturbance

17. Stephen Pikesley Analysis of a ‘citzen science’ database

18. Neal Gray Marine planning for the South West

19. Jim Portus Fisheries status in the south-west and impacts of the reformed CFP

20. Sarah Clark Chinese Whispers – Misconceptions and myths mask true progress in MPA & inshore fisheries management

21. Sayer & Williams Research to action … making a difference locally & globally – ghost gear in Cornwall

22. Cook, Witt & Pikesley The Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA Biodiversity Atlas

23. Paul Naylor Inspiring images – Marine life in action – underwater observations & questions

24. SWME 2015 Collated Reports



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